Protective Mask Homemade by Ruby

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Due to the coronavirus, the CDC has recommended that everyone wear a protective mask when it public. Most masks are very dull looking - white or gray. There is no reason these masks should not be more colorful and stylish. Yes, these are serious times, but that gives us more of a reason to be cheerful and try to put a little color and smiles in the world.

Comparable masks are selling for up to $25 on the Internet. 

These masks are approximately 3 x 5" with 6 1/2' of elastic on each end. They have a double layer of cotton fabric and include a pouch to insert a filter (filters are not included). Sizes are approximate. 

Child sizes are approximately 3 x 5' with 20" of elastic that helps keep it firmly attached. It, too, has a double layer of cotton fabric and includes a pouch where a filter can be inserted (filters not included). Sizes are approximate. 

NOTE: Our supplies are low at the moment and will be until the 12th when our new order of elastic comes in.  The ones in stock will go fast, so order now.

Sales are brisk--don't put off ordering. 

These masks are made of cotton and are washable. These masks are definitely far above the normal quality seen with most of the masks made by individuals. These are very well made. 

Be stylish while you are trying to be safe in these trying times. 

NOTICE: These are NOT medical-grade masks. Their effectiveness is unknown, but, as mentioned, the CDC has recommended the wearing of even general usage masks. We do not imply that these masks will definitely keep you safe BUT the CDC recommends masks such as these as has the President of the U.S, and noted television physician, Dr. Gupta.