Want an Online Shop Like This One?

Posted by Michael Mathews on

While I no longer actively pursue Website Development services as I have for many years (http://pineywoodswebs.com), I have enjoyed putting together e-commerce stores lately. 

With these type of stores, you can sell from your website (if you have one), from a Facebook Page and even, through a FB Messenger post. The new technology has really gotten to be fun. 

If you are interested in having one set up for you or would merely like some guidance, contact me. If nothing else, I can point you in the right direction. I can also build the whole thing for you and teach you how to add products and keep it all going. You will be amazed at how inexpensive the whole process is. 

One thing for sure, I have absolutely learned a lot in doing this lately -- mostly by doing the wrong thing. There are so many options to consider and once you decide on a system, setting it up on your own can be a challenge. 

Let me know if I can help. We can have some fun together. I can actually have your store up and running as early as a few hours. And just wait until I show you how easy it is to come up with products--hundreds of them with little or no upfront investment. 

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